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Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing Services

Pay per click advertising is an immediate and effective channel used to drive targeted traffic to your business' website. Paid search allows a high degree of control over when, where and how you are reaching your potential customers. PPC is highly targeted advertising: a dedicated account manager can customize geographic location, day of the week, time of day; we use keywords that are relevant to your business goals to drive highly qualified users to your website.

Whether you're new to Pay Per Click Advertising or are a seasoned advertiser, Houston-based TopSpot can help with your paid search strategy.

At TopSpot, our paid search team creates effective Google AdWords and Bing Ads Search campaigns that integrate our clients' business and online marketing goals. A dedicated account manager will learn about your business goals to create comprehensive pay-per-click strategies. 

Benefits of PPC Advertising 

  • Targeted advertising — TopSpot will complete hours of competitive research using online sources, as well as your feedback, to create keyword phrases to bring pre-qualified users to your site.
  • Budget strategiesTopSpot ensures your marketing dollars are targeting terms/visitors that will impact your bottom line.
  • Reports — We detail advertising activity, including full keyword and cost transparency, impression share, user behavior, geography, as well as website and marketing recommendations on a monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Flexibility — The programs are adjusted weekly to make sure our goals are being met.
  • Cost-effectiveness — We analyze website phone calls, form leads and keyword data to determine how to drive higher return on your marketing budget and ensure the budget is used to capture the most relevant users. 
  • Lead details — To measure the true effectiveness of your program, we will keep you apprised of the amount of visits, phone calls, and web forms completed as a result of your paid ads.
  • Comprehensive Knowledge — To complement your search advertising program, we also may suggest a more diverse program (Remarketing, Display Ads, YouTube Advertising, LinkedIn, or Facebook ads), website changes or SEO strategies to drive more visitors to the site. 

Types of PPC Campaigns

  • Search —  Targets qualified buyers who are using a search engine to research or purchase your product/service
  • Display — Targets users via graphic ads based on a user’s demographics, interests or website content they are viewing
  • Remarketing — Targets those buyers who have already visited your site, keeping your brand “top of mind” until they are ready to convert
  • Video/Social — Customized PPC strategies on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and more

PPC is Flexible

We have the ability to tailor many facets of Pay Per Click to your specific company and business goals to what would make sense and work best for you:

  • Time of day, location, extensions
  • Keyword phrases, ad text
  • Budget spend for certain products/services vs. others
  • Mobile and desktop
  • Range of ad types/platforms - image, video, text; display, search, social, video, etc.

The sophistication of analytics tools have made reports available for anyone to understand the impact paid search has on a brand and the integral role it plays in an overall web marketing strategy.

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