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TopSpot has given us a clear, up to date understanding of how our website visitors find us and what they search for on our website."

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Understanding Your Analytics

Understanding Your Website Analytics

Your website is an extension of your company and just like any part of your business, you should know how its performing. Measuring its performance is important in ensuring your sales, marketing, and branding efforts are gaining ROI and leading you towards your business goals.

But not all website analytics and reporting is equal. We typically see many companies only track visits, time on site, bounce rate, and returning visitors. While all those things are components of web marketing analytics metrics, there should be so much more to your analytics data when you’re coming up with a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Just like how the number of walk-ins into a store is not the best indication of sales, visitors aren’t the only thing your marketing team should be sharing and analyzing when it comes to your website.

Did You Know...

We polled our clients and of those polled, 99% found website analytics to be important. (Source: Techvalidate)

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Tracking Important Metrics

We track everything to understand the full picture

If you’re not understanding the full picture of your website’s performance, it will be hard to create an SEO or Paid Search strategy that meets your goals. 95% of the tracking solutions that TopSpot inherits are not setup properly, meaning before TopSpot’s analytics solutions, companies were missing out on critical information like:


Form Data – How many forms were submitted on the site (email signup, request a quote, consultation or appointment buttons)?

Site Search – Having a site search on your site isn't only beneficial for your users to find items quicker, it can serve as your website’s focus group by providing you content strategy and landing page ideas.

Mobile Analytics – how many people are visiting your site from a mobile device? Is your website optimized to meet your mobile visitors’ needs?

IP Filtering - Does your sales team spend a lot of time on your website when speaking with potential customers? Do you know the difference between their actions on your site versus a new visitor's actions?

PDF Downloads – Which PDFs are being downloaded the most and could your site benefit from having the PDF content in HTML format and optimized to rank?

Video Views – You've spent a ton of time and money on videos, so tracking the views should be helpful.

How to Get Started

Most new clients who are using current analytics when they begin with us do not have it set up correctly. Since everyone's website is different, before we even begin our tracking set up, we do a complete audit of the site to ensure that we understand the existing functionality.

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We recognize that immersing yourself in your website's analytics and making sense of it may not be in your job description. But it’s in ours. We communicate and educate you on what is happening on your website, so we can make good decisions based on the data together.

Using the latest technology, represented in our different tracking solutions, our team is here to help you achieve a thorough understanding of your analytics and a clear path to a successful long-term strategy that matches your business strategy.

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