Nationwide Plastics: E-Commerce & SEO Case Study

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Nationwide Plastics, a high-performance plastics manufacturer and distributor, contracted TopSpot to build a website for their database of products and optimized for conversions. TopSpot launched the site in 2012 and saw great organic results during the first quarter after their e-commerce site development. Nationwide Plastics witnessed a 192% in organic conversions in the three months post launch.


A PPC customer since 2007, Nationwide Plastics wanted a website that could handle their database of products and was optimized for conversions.


The new site, built on the Magento platform, is extremely effective, with a 192% increase in organic conversions and a 162% increase in overall leads in the first quarter after launch.

Services Provided


192% Increase

In Organic Form Submissions

With their e-commerce site development relaunch, Nationwide Plastics experienced a 192% increase in conversions from organic traffic in the first quarter post-launch; with 111 leads over 38 leads. Additionally, they received a 162% increase in overall conversions, with 199 leads in the three months prior to launch and 522 leads post launch. Nationwide Plastics' organic traffic increased 46%, with 4,612 visits compared to 3,162 visits.

38 before
111 after

They are part of our business family. They strive to help us improve our business."

Kipp Walden

Business Professional, Nationwide Plastics, Inc.

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