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I've been with TopSpot for 10+ years and have always been extremely satisfied with the level of service they provide and the results of their efforts."

Brad Pladson

Owner, Bison ProFab

Get in front of the right people.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an immediate and effective way to drive targeted traffic to your website and a great way to get in front of people who may not have otherwise found you. In fact, we frequently see non-branded paid searches as one of the first interactions within the buying process, and when set up by people who understand your target audience, it is often times the last interaction as well!

TopSpot Facts

TopSpot Facts

We take our on-boarding very seriously and not only will you have a dedicated Account Manager, you'll have direct access to an On-boarding Manager and Executive Liaison (President or VP) in our Houston office.

Endless Flexibility

Targeted programs, with endless flexibility!

One of the main reasons our customers love PPC is the flexibility that comes with its programs. With Pay Per Click, we can tailor just about everything to what makes sense for you and your goals. A few of these customizations include:

  • Campaigns targeted towards specific geographic locations (from zip code targeting to the ability to create a custom radius)
  • Ads being shown only during the days of week and times of day that your audience is searching
  • Customized keyword phrases to target qualified leads
  • Effective ads & ad extensions that entice buyers to click through to your site
  • Budget spend tiered towards certain products or services vs. others
  • Wide range of ad types/platforms including image, video, text; display, search, social, etc.

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Not Your Average Setup

When setting up a new PPC program, we have a very thorough process. The in-depth setup process not only allows for a competitive presence but allows for the flexibility to make adjustments once your program is live. And the best part? We do all the legwork!

The B-SMART Method™

We craft a strategy around your unique business goals by using our B-SMART Method™. The B-SMART Method™ allows you to target your specific audience and limit any wasted ad spend. For paid search specifically, this approach allows us to target users at any point in their buying cycle and tailor ads to their specific situation. If it's a user in need of aerospace high temp plastic or I9 compliance software, we craft your keyword or remarketing strategy to provide verbiage that will speak to them.

PPC Services

Our paid search (PPC) offering is more than getting your ads on Google AdWords, Bing/Yahoo/AOL, LinkedIn, and/or Facebook. Not only do we tailor and execute a strategy to aid your business goals, you also get ongoing feedback on how the program is working. We monitor and adjust as we see needed on the metrics side, but you know that Marketing isn't the end all be all, so when we get feedback on the quality of leads into the business, it allows us to fine tune the program even further.

TopSpot is a Premier Google Partner and Bing Ads Elite SMB Partner.

How To Get Started

Want to dip your toes in the water and test out pay per click services, but aren't sure you're ready to jump into the whole world of search engine marketing? Not a problem! Paid search is available as a stand-alone service or part of an integrated strategy with a Customer Relationship Team at the monthly budget you feel comfortable with.

Our PPC team is based in Houston and works with all types of businesses around Houston and the entire U.S. Whether you are B2B, B2C or a local business, we promise to deliver great results, and bring our full tool belt of knowledge to the table!

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