Content Management Systems

About Content Management Systems

Website content should not be difficult to maintain. Content Management Systems (CMS) have enabled companies to have true control over their website content.

The following two criteria were important when choosing our CMS platforms:

  • The platforms had to provide all of the functionality with the site features and ease of content management
  • The platforms had to be search engine friendly

Why We Use Open Source

TopSpot’s philosophy focuses on providing our clients control and ownership over their website. For this reason, we use open source solutions, specifically MODx for standard development and Magento for eCommerce sites.

The Benefits of Open Source CMS Development:

  • Ease of content management
  • Tracking and Analytics installation
  • Easier to “grow” your site over time with page creation
  • "SEO ability"
  • Client site ownership

The Platforms We Use

As opposed to developing a proprietary platform, we feel that open source provides clients with the flexibility that they are paying for.

Content Management SystemsCurrently, we are building sites with MODx Revolution, which is the latest release and customers enjoy an easy-to-use "back end" which allows for them to update and add content. Revolution provides our development team with many of the additional features that customers are asking for these days such as blogs, latest news features, photo galleries, social media integration, and intuitive interface for our search marketing team to use while optimizing the sites.

For e-commerce, Magento provides all of the features shopping carts would need to provide plus much more. Because of the growth in Magento sites, the development community has grown providing many new features and "plugins" to be applied. Again, the search engine friendliness of Magento is very apparent in the sites we have launched. Our search team enjoys the ease of use, and the clients love the results they are getting... higher rankings and more sales/opportunities.

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