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TopSpot is an industrial digital marketing agency specializing in internet marketing and website development for suppliers and distributors, manufacturers, OEMs, and service providers.

From steel service centers to precision metal fabricators, we work as an extension of your team to drive targeted traffic to your website through SEO and PPC to generate quality leads through longer, more technical buyer journeys. We align our industrial web marketing strategies with your business goals and utilize our proprietary tools and data to measure results and success based on those goals.

Industrial Digital Marketing Agency

An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing for Industrial Businesses

When working with our Team, you can expect an industrial digital marketing strategy utilizing an integrated approach—meaning each tactic works together to drive the right type of traffic to your website, resulting in quality leads. Stand-alone service options are also available, applying the same mindset and aligning with your tactics already in place. Our industrial internet marketing agency services include:

Industrial Website Design and Development:

Websites are central to our integrated approach, backed by data, and houses content SEO and paid search strategies can drive to.

Industrial Pay-Per-Click Advertising:

Known as PPC, paid search, or SEM, it allows businesses to purchase ads that bring content to the top of a search result.

Industrial Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Bring traffic to your website with target keywords potential buyers use when searching for industrial products and services.

3D Catalog Integration:

Add multi-faceted site searches, 3D CAD modeling, and configurators to your website to better educate potential customers.

Industrial Conversion Optimization:

Analyze form fills, click-to-calls, and other desired actions that lead to conversions, then optimize conversion rates for more revenue opportunities.

In-Depth Analytics:

Many companies only track visits, time on site, bounce rate, and returning visitors. While we provide these metrics, we primarily focus on what matters most—user behavior, form tracking, call tracking, and other data that informs your digital marketing from start to finish. Improve lead response time, internal training, business development prospecting, and overall customer service experience with these tools.

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Our Industrial Marketing Approach 

With most business conducted online, establishing a nationwide strategy for your industrial business is crucial. It ensures visibility wherever your prospects may be searching and provides you with a competitive edge.

TopSpot gives you this edge by understanding the nationwide industrial landscape. We help you differentiate your business online when and where it matters most.

Frequently Asked Questions About Digital Marketing for Industrial Companies 

What’s the difference between digital marketing for industrial products and nonindustrial digital marketing?

The difference between the marketing of industrial products and nonindustrial products is that industrial businesses are more highly specialized and technical than many B2C or other B2B businesses, often offering customizable solutions that can complicate online discovery.

Industrial businesses need to have content that is in-depth about specifications, requirements, and processes to rank better in Google. They also should offer quotes for these configurations online. Additionally, the overall industrial digital marketing strategy, analytics, and criteria for success must consider a longer sales cycle. 

What digital marketing services do industrial companies need?

Industrial companies need a well-designed website with helpful content to act as a 24-hour sales team member, able to answer as many customer questions as possible. SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click advertising) then drive traffic to this site, allowing your business to get found by potential customers. To be effective, an industrial internet marketing agency is needed to implement an analytics program that tracks the performance of all strategies to test, adapt and find more business opportunities.

Why is SEO important for industrial companies?

Industrial businesses need a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that populates their specialized and technical products into the search results of potential customers. Challenging keyword variation and ongoing changes to search algorithms require strategies that can withstand the volatile technology behind search engines. 

Many users are more likely to visit a website they see more than once on a search result page. Even if you are using paid search, appearing in organic search results gives you added visibility and a chance to provide more information about your business. This type of industrial web marketing is done through content, including imagery and definitional content that populates the "People Ask" sections.

There are over 200+ ranking factors to take into consideration when working with industrial digital marketing. We use the B-SMART Method® as the foundation of our strategies because it allows us to identify the best ways to reach your specific audience.  

Here's an example of how the B-SMART Method® finds your target audience:

  • Original Keywords in Use: Fabricator, Custom Fabricator, and Metal Fabricator
  • Company Capabilities: Aluminum and stainless, fabricating large parts
  • B-SMART Analysis: This company shows up in "fabricator” results in traffic for metals, such as carbon steel, and for plastics including Delrin and Kynar. Since these results are not relevant to this business, users who are searching for “fabricator” or "custom fabricator" may be less likely to turn into a new customer. 
  • B-SMART Solution: By targeting terms like “316 stainless fabrication” or “aluminum 42-inch fabrication”, the business will show up in the search results for phrases aligned with their products and services.


Why is Paid Search important for industrial businesses?

Paid Search (also known as PPC, Pay Per Click, or SEM) is an important part of industrial digital marketing strategy because it allows you to target the online users looking for the products or services you offer. There are usually a few ads at the top of a search results page and additional ads further down the scroll, which takes up a large amount of page real estate. E-commerce sites can benefit from being placed in the shopping ads seen in search engine result pages in addition to traditional paid search areas. 

We use the B-SMART Method® here just as we do in SEO, making sure your industrial products and services are at the top of specific search results your customers use.

Digital Marketing for Industrial Companies and Products

An Experienced Industrial Internet Marketing Agency

We've worked with hundreds of companies over the years to grow their businesses and increase their online visibility through Internet marketing. These industries include: 

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Industrial Internet Marketing Testimonial

The relationship we have with TopSpot has been very close and personal. The Team we work with is very interested in our business and always looking at our growth opportunities, the trends they see in our markets, etc. Chuck LaBounty Chuck LaBounty Vice President at ABASCO, LLC

TopSpot is very responsive to our needs. They have learned our business well so they can act as consultants when we engage in marketing activity. Our team is wonderful, dedicated, and hard-working. We appreciate the work they do. Our ROI on this marketing investment is very strong.

Tony Beigel  Electro-Coatings

TopSpot has helped us transition from reactive digital marketing with unknown value to the leading edge of industrial digital marketing.

Marketing Professional  Industrial Manufacturing Company

Simply put - our bottom line has greatly increased! The impact has been dollars - we're busier than we've ever been. And out-of-state sales are high.

Vice President  Industrial Manufacturing Company

The TopSpot staff is easy to work with and they have a lot of experience with industrial companies.

Marketing Professional  Industrial Manufacturing Company

We Understand Digital Marketing for Your Industrial Business

Whether you sell complex machinery or custom hardware, we have strategies in place to address challenges specific to internet marketing for industrial companies such as:

  • Longer Sales Cycle: The average B2B buyer's journey includes six to ten decision-makers, each researching independently. The more people in the mix, the more time it takes for that team to decide on the right solution. We create custom content to target these users and nurture them through this long lead cycle. 
  • Highly Technical Information: Your products or services are highly technical and sold to a niche market. We leverage content strategies to help target people most likely to convert.
  • Custom Quoting: Most industrial B2B buyers get multiple quotes from multiple vendors to make a final decision. Giving customers a quote depends on a variety of factors, from the material of a small bolt to the temperature requirements of an industrial oven. We can create content and custom forms that simplify these options for your customers and help you stand out from competitors.

Your business is unique, so we tailor our strategy recommendations to your goals and the specific landscape of your industry. 

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