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Solutions for Manufacturers, Fabricators & OEMs

Marketing Solutions for Manufacturers, Fabricators, and OEMs

At TopSpot, we specialize in online marketing for industrial manufacturers, fabricators, CNC shops, OEMs and more. Manufacturers and fabricators of all sizes are the foundation of our company. So whether you are just getting started with online marketing or sourcing a new vendor, TopSpot works with you on unique online marketing strategies that are focused on performance and results.

Depending on your business’ needs and which services you partner with us on, you’ll have a dedicated account specialist or a Customer Relationship Team that functions as an extension of your business. What does that mean? You have team members at TopSpot that you can rely upon not only to drive your digital marketing strategies and results, but also to understand your business and the many realities of your industry.

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Get Found & Grow Your Business

In today’s market, we understand that internet marketing isn’t new to many manufacturers. It’s competitive out there. The need to keep growing your business and stand out amongst the competition is at an all-time high. This is where we can help. While you build your products and focus on adhering to the highest quality standards for your customers, we work to do the same for you by building your online presence and online leads.

Search Engine Optimization

We develop unique SEO strategies to help convert content and achieve higher organic rankings.


Conversion Improvement

Included as part of our CRT structure, our CI team uses data to improve usability, A/B test changes and drive in more conversions.

Pay-Per-Click Ads

Our PPC strategies offer an immediate solution by driving targeted, relevant traffic to your website.


Web Design & Development

In addition to search engine marketing, we design and build custom websites for manufacturers with analytics data and marketing in mind.

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TopSpot is very responsive to our needs. They have learned our business well so they can act as consultants when we engage in marketing activity. Our team is wonderful, dedicated, and hard working. We appreciate the work they do. Our ROI on this marketing investment is very strong."

Tony Beigel

Executive, Electro-Coatings

Hone In On The Right Audience

No matter your marketing budget, maximizing your dollars is always our goal from the get-go. And the best way to do that is to hone in and target the right audience for your business -- the audience that is looking for your product or service and likely to convert. But how do we define that audience? We use our B-SMART Method® in every aspect of our marketing – from keyword research to website design to content strategy. The way people search says a lot about their intent for your product or service. With our B-SMART Method®, we’re able to hone in on the audience that’s serious about doing business with you and save you money.

The B-Smart Method

 In this example, showing up for outdoor enclosures may bring in a lot of traffic, but users could be looking for patio enclosures. If you fabricate and offer electrical and metal enclosures, those users aren’t a great fit for your business.

enclosure search example 1 or enclosure search example 2

With over 25 years of industrial marketing experience, our staff is knowledgeable in the manufacturing marketing space. We are also members of the following manufacturer associations:


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Optimize for Longer Sales Cycles

We understand the sales cycles for manufacturers, fabricators and OEMS can be long, so every single touchpoint with your potential customers is critical. That’s why we build content and optimization strategies that consider all of your users whether they are in the research or decision-making phases.

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SEO & PPCWhen working together, these two services can become a powerhouse for online visibility to catch users in the right time and right place.


Email MarketingReinforce key differentiators and your products and services by staying in your potential customers inboxes.


RemarketingStay top of mind for users who have visited your site multiple times but haven’t converted.

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Qualify Leads Through In-Depth Quoting

Bringing relevant users into your site is only great if they are getting in touch with you for your products and/or services. We work to make the experience on your website a good one and optimize our programs and the websites we build for conversions. We also offer a number of ways to track and review leads coming in.

Form Analytics / Call Analytics

Track forms and calls with our analytics tools to analyze lead quality and improve your customer service.


Get real-time alerts of prospects and potential customers visiting your site. Your sales team is going to love this.

CRM Integration

Depending on your CRM system, we can work on custom solutions to integrate our analytics tools into your software.

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Case Study

See how we helped RTS cutting make their website a more helpful resource through calculators and an online catalog to boost sales.

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Meet the Needs of Your Current Customers Too

While new business opportunities are important for growing your business, we understand the value of a current customer. In our optimization strategies, we don’t forget about the loyal customers you already have. Do they need parts? Support? Do they need updates on new capabilities?

Adjust Your Strategy for Distribution

Manufacturers that sell through distribution have a unique challenge in search engines to be sensitive to distributors’ web presence. They also have different goals for their website than a manufacturer that sells to end users. We can help differentiate your website while meeting your goals by making it simple to use and find things and even integrate catalogs with 3D drawings.

Online marketing can be overwhelming even to the most experienced marketers, never mind those are just trying to run a business. Whether it’s pumps, vessels, fasteners or a niche product, we can work with you on a strategy that’s right for you. Our philosophy is to be open, educated and perform exceptional work. We want to establish ourselves as an extension of your team – the kind of team that you trust and rely on for your digital marketing strategies and results.

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