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What Our Clients Say

The staff support. When we launch a project, you immediately know (and hear from) the TopSpot team. They cover all angles. As someone that makes up the entirety of his department, having others engaged with a project is a big deal for me."

Zack Loeprich

Marketing Manager, Total Plastics, Inc

The TopSpot Approach

Our strategies and ideas aren’t driven by the latest trends, it’s ultimately how we can effectively reach your business goals by implementing an efficient strategy that works for your business and budget.

Our philosophy is to be open, educated and perform exceptional work. We optimize your programs for your business, not just for your specific products and services.

We Value Our Client Relationships

Relationships are and will continue to be the foundation for our company

We wouldn't be the company we are today without our customers. Our relationships with them are (and will continue to be) the foundation for our company. This is why we put such high importance on the accountability of our programs.

You'll never meet a group of people more excited about a facility tour than us!

You'll never meet a group of people more excited about a facility tour than us!

Client Strategies Manager, Josh Blankenship visiting client, Thermal Care with Sales Representative, Mark Balousek.

We want you to trust us with your online advertising, and how can you do that if we aren't upfront with you regarding where your dollars are being spent? This is why we work with you every step of the way to make sure you understand our strategies, reporting, and recommendations.

Customer Relationship Teams

An Extension Of Your Business

When it comes to a modern, comprehensive marketing strategy, business owners face many challenges. Most business owners are focused on their company’s day-to-day operations, personnel, and profit. They do not have the time, desire, knowledge or resources to plan, execute and measure their marketing strategies.

SEO coworkers

The solution to the business owner’s predicament: outsourcing your marketing needs to a reputable, knowledgeable marketing team, or as we like to call them, Customer Relationship Teams (CRTs).

With this approach, our team members strategize together on your account, giving you access to a team of skilled specialists, all with unique ideas for growing your business.

How To Get Started

Ongoing Feedback & Strategy Adjustments

Each month (or as often as you'd like!) you'll meet with your team to review your detailed monthly report that lays out your traffic data, search positioning and trending data for both paid search and search engine optimization. Based on a deep analysis of your data every month, your team will also be ready to discuss their ongoing strategy and tactics geared towards achieving your business goals.

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