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We take pride in having a positive impact for our clients with our internet marketing strategies. A few of our clients sat down in front of a camera to discuss how SEO, Pay Per Click and our Web Design and Development services have impacted their business.

Take a look at the following video testimonials and customer reviews:

Air Filters, Inc Internet Marketing and Website Testimonial

Anthony Dimicelli of Air Filters, Inc., an air filters and housings manufacturer, discusses the relationship his company has had with TopSpot Internet Marketing since 2004. TopSpot's e-commerce website development and integrated internet marketing has increased internet sales $14 million over the past five years.

Regal Plastics Web Development and Marketing Testimonial

Wayne Gono of Regal Plastics, a wholesale plastics distributor, describes the relationship of trust he has with his team at TopSpot Internet Marketing. TopSpot's web development and search marketing services have increased Regal Plastics conversions (RFQs) beyond expectations.

Metal Coatings Internet Marketing Testimonial

Tim Mullen of Metal Coatings Corp, an industrial coating services company, examines how TopSpot Internet Marketing's integrated internet marketing services helped his company grow his customer base and increase ROI.

Pollution Systems Internet Marketing Testimonial

Kevin Stevens of Pollution Systems, an industrial air pollution solutions company, expounds on how search engine optimization increased their web presence in Google and pay-per-click advertising assisted with the growth of their market in Mexico.

Bison ProFab Internet Marketing Testimonial

Brad Pladson of Bison ProFab, a custom electrical enclosures company, describes how a new website and search engine optimization services increased their leads from organic traffic.

Nationwide Plastics Internet Marketing Testimonial

Chris Jones of Nationwide Plastics, a plastics manufacturer and distributor, discusses how an integrated internet marketing strategy and a mobile paid search campaign expanded their business outside of Texas.

Stainless Drains Internet Marketing Testimonial

Shelia Heller of Stainless Drains, an industrial drain manufacturer, explains how the TopSpot Internet Marketing team services of website development and industrial internet marketing created website which increased their qualified leads.

What Our Clients Say

Relationships are and will continue to be the foundation for our company.

Hear what some of our clients have to say about working with us.
(Testimonial Sources: Techvalidate)

We’ve been working with TopSpot for 4 years now. Our web presence/web traffic increased tremendously. Our website looks better than ever. They bring new ideas to the table on regular basis. They are basically a great partner to work with."

Anna Newton

Marketing Designer at Hunter Associates Laboratory, Inc

Because of TopSpot, our RFQ leads have increased enormously – these are qualified, actionable leads. TopSpot is constantly tweaking the site and adding features to improve the customer experience."

Global Digital Marketing Leader

Medium Enterprise, Industrial Manufacturing

We have seen great results, and have received great support from Topspot. Our online presence is a game changer for us."

Karl Ganshirt

Owner, Global Tooling Solutions, LLC.

Depth, subject matter experts in various specialties, staying up to date with technical advancements."

Jayson Olson

Marketing Manager, Dalsin Industries

When we launch a project, you immediately know (and hear from) the TopSpot team. They cover all angles. As someone that makes up the entirety of his department, having others engaged with a project is a big deal for me."

Zack Loeprich

Marketing Manager, Total Plastics, Inc.

Our website is responsible in bringing in a large percentage of our new accounts each month- representing continued growth for the company. TopSpot does exactly what their name implies by keeping our company located in the top spots on web search results. Plus… The staff is great to work with and most capable- a solid group of young professionals. (I was so impressed I even referred my recently college grad son to consider TopSpot as a career choice!)"

Ed Walsh

Vice President, Best Stainless & Alloys, LP

I've been with TopSpot for 10+ years and have always been extremely satisfied with the level of service they provide and the results of their efforts."

Brad Pladson

Owner, Bison Profab

Leads from the website have paid for the cost of the website. I have recommended Top Spot to other companies."

Ed Rowland

Executive, Regal Plastics Supply Company

TopSpot’s efforts have been truly very beneficial for my business. The people involved are true professional and very attentive."

Nick Nofal

President, Corporate Services International

TopSpot took our broken website and quickly developed a much-improved site that allows us to easily add products and information in a well-organized format. With constant changes in our business, it is refreshing to have TopSpot here to help us deliver our message to current and potential customers."

Christa VerWayne

VP of Marketing, Magnus Mobility Systems, Inc.

My ROI is better than ever when compared to when I was using printed ads in Directories and Yellow Pages. The reports are fantastic, easy to understand and used to navigate a different strategy to go after other markets. Their service and experience is priceless to my business."

Ken Wickman

Owner, Aluma Photo-Plate

Our company is not big enough to staff our own marketing team, so we have been tasked with doing this as our secondary job. We never really understood the whole picture of digital or online marketing, so we would just try different programs to see what worked. When Top Spot came along, they gave us a vision and helped us see the broad picture and were able to help steer our company in the right direction."

Brian Scalf

Business Professional, Ashley Ward

TopSpot is very responsive to our needs. They have learned our business well so they can act as consultants when we engage in marketing activity. Our team is wonderful, dedicated, and hard working. We appreciate the work they do. Our ROI on this marketing investment is very strong."

Tony Beigel

Executive, Electro-Coatings

TopSpot has good transparency, professionalism, results, in-depth tracking, and data analysis – all of which help us to make good decisions."


Small Business, Industrial Manufacturing

We now have a clear, up to date, understanding of how our website visitors find us and what they search on our website."

Mitch Springer

Business Professional, RP Machine

The staff is easy to work with and they have a lot of experience with manufacturing/industrial companies."

Sarah Plummer

Marketing Manager, PG Lifelink

TopSpot has completely overhauled our marketing efforts for the better. We have seen such great results (impressions, engagements, etc) since we have implemented TopSpot’s PPC and SEO campaigns. Their customer service is excellent, and I know they are on top of my campaign even when I’m not looking at it. I trust TopSpot and know that investing our marketing dollars in TopSpot was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my company since I took this position almost five years ago."

Audrey Brewer Mosley

Marketing Manager, WEIMA America, Inc.

I have been very impressed with Topspot's performance with our PPC advertising campaign. They always look for ways to improve the quality of leads that our campaign is attracting."

Marketing Professional

Large Enterprise, Chemical Industry

They are part of our business family. They strive to help us improve our business."

Kipp Walden

Business Professional, Nationwide Plastics Inc.

Top Spot has increased our visibility on a national scale allowing us to target specific products and markets. The consistent lead generation has allowed our sales department to grow significantly without large investments in outside sales and complicated in house prospecting activities."

Chris Flanagan

Vice President, Precision Urethane

They took our marketing efforts from zero to one hundred miles per hour in 3 months."

Sal Garbarino

Owner, RTS Cutting Tools, Inc.

Partnering with TopSpot has increased our web visibility and more importantly given me peace of mind. Finally, a vendor I can trust to do the right things without a lot of hand-holding from us."


Small Business, Industrial Manufacturing

The team that works with us has been amazing. We have a monthly review that is typically given to us prior to our call so we can be prepared with questions prior. They are always giving us suggestion for improvement and have been very helpful in anything we ask of them."

Tara Gerhardt

Marketing Professional, Duro-Last Roofing, Inc.

When it comes to the development and implementation of our marketing strategy, the team at TopSpot have been an invaluable resource and partner. We owe a lot of our success to this partnership."

Brian Pendarvis

Owner, Pendarvis Manufacturing, Inc.

TopSpot’s teams are easy to work with, professional, responsive, and fast. I feel as though they care about and are invested in our success."

Scott Madere

Marketing Director, Worksite Lighting LLC

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